Kitty boy

Dante's been developing a lump over the past months. I finally took him to the vet. She didn't find any pus or liquid to show it's a cyst, but we're going to do a steroid/antibiotic for a couple of weeks to see if it goes down. If not, then it's probably cancer and otherwise untreatable, because it's a bitch to root out and anything left will just grow back.
I'm glad she didn't pressure me into aggressive treatment. He's 13 and otherwise in decent shape (albeit a heavy kitty at 24.8 lbs), but ....I don't have the finances or the emotions necessary for it. Sure as hell, kittyboy would be upset. It was bad enough getting him to the vet in the first place...

My back

It's been bothering me lately, to the point where I can feel some numbness in a couple of toes. Of course, it doesn't help that I did a massive amount of laundry at the laundromat and had to do a lot of bending and lifting this morning.

Hello, ice pack and naproxen sodium, it's been a while.

PS, it was my birthday yesterday. I'm 43, now. :-) Tomorrow, my folks and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie and then to a Brazilian steakhouse to meet my twin brother and his girlfriend for dinner to celebrate.

Meat, meat, meat, meat... :-)

Devouring the Unborn, or, What's for Breakfast?

I always get a kick out of the Not Always sites and this little snippet makes me giggle in amused horror. Where does a little boy learn to speak like that!? ;-)

Sunny Side Up For The Destroyer Of Worlds
Cafe | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Children

(I am working a morning shift at a cafe. We are serving breakfast. A little boy and his mother enter the cafe.)

Me: “So, what will it be?”


(There is a sudden silence and everyone turns to look. The mother looks very embarrassed.)

Mother: “Eggs… he would like some eggs…”

Update for anyone interested

I'm doing ok. I had an issue with pests at the beginning of this year, but had it treated. Had to pack everything up and I still haven't unpacked a lot of stuff, but honestly don't care too much about it. Except for the laundry. One of these days, I WILL go to the laundromat with the dozen bags or so of stuff I still haven't washed...
As for work, well, I'm doing overtime, while they still have it. I'm at the Treasury Department, and as you can imagine for federal employees, my area is feeling the pinch. I've been told to expect five to seven furlough days this year and no award. So, I'm doing the O/T, but trying not to over do it and make myself sick.
My cats are fine. Bella got out of the apartment, though, while I was bringing the laundry in. I didn't see or hear her do it and thought nothing of not seeing her the rest of the night, 'cos sometimes she does that. Imagine my surprise in the morning when I was leaving for work, only to find her in the hallway with bowls of food and water. My neighbor in 304 left them out with her, which was so kind... I went to work, but my heart didn't feel at ease until I came home and cuddled Bella for half an hour straight. You better believe I do a bed check now!
I got new neighbors downstairs and on the whole, they're pretty quiet, except when coming home from work. I know I could do worse, so I can't complain.
Yawn. I think I'll head back to bed.