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Stopped by my parents house to pick up a couple of replacement phone chargers. They also gave me a calender from Barnes and Noble, a freebie put out by Marvel Comics, with various characters for the months.

I have to laugh, though, because July has Wolverine and I would have thought...wouldn't Captain America been a little bit more apropos?



The cats are home and somewhat blissed out on catnip. Oh, wait, that's the kittyboy. Kittygirl is making herself reacquainted with the apartment.

I need a nap, I couldn't sleep, so I'd get up, unpack stuff, go back to bed, toss and turn, get up and repeat.



They came, steamed and gassed the place, and left. I tried to sleep at a hotel, but was disturbed by the traffic outside, so I came home and pulled on the big girl panties to try to straighten up a bit. Or at least open the windows (during a snowstorm no less!) to let in fresh air and put the bed back together.

I can't say I'm looking forward to the rest of it, no...

Stick a fork in me

I'm as done as I'm gonna get. I have a bathroom and kitchen full of garbage bags and plastic bins. The apartment seems pretty empty...except that I can't open the refrigerator door and the bags are higher than the kitchen counter.

Sure I have some stuff on the walls, but I'll wait till they get here to see if I really need to take 'em down.


At this point, I've taken to tossing trash bags filled with my stuff into the kitchen on top of the 30 gallon storage containers. And a second Paxil, this evening, so I could CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

Next to do is the rest of my clothing closet, cats to my parents house, and tossing the bags with clothes in them into the bathroom to get them out of the way. And the pictures off the walls. Thank goodness I like my empty wall space.

Still cleaning

So, I'm still putting away stuff and cleaning in preparation for the treatment of bed bugs in my apartment tomorrow. I still have a couple of loads of laundry to do and my hallway closet and some other stuff, but I can only do it in drabs before my back aches.

Oddly enough, the thing that irritates me the most is the kitty girl meowing for attention. Babies, don't you see Mommy is busy?


Just spent the rest of the evening looking for my laundry card (my friend suggested taking everything to the laundromat because the water will be hotter there), stripping the bed and finding a few more bugs on the bed skirt (TRASH), and vacuuming like crazy.

I need to do more stuff, like laundromat and getting a new bag for the vacuum. And bring the bugs to work (I saved a couple in baggies), to verify that they are bed bugs, 'cos that's probably where I got them from.

My friend seems to think that because I only developed symptoms in the beginning of this month and didn't find bugs on the mattress pad or mattress, the few bugs I found are it.

G-D, I hope so. I fucking hope so.




I was hoping that I was having a reaction to some lotion a friend of mine gave me, but I found a bug on my bed.

I just want to stomp and throw things.


I have extraordinarily vivid dreams when I sleep in the daytime

This morning, I dreamt of trying to go home from a mall by bus only to finally find my car. There was a fair amount of trying to find something to eat before I left, but I digress.

I was speeding in the parking lot and accidentally hit a woman who darted out into the pavement. She seemed unconscious but alive and her friends and I were cursing at each other, while I was tying to call 911. I couldn't dial it right and when I did, I ended up calling first, a cop shop in South Carolina, and then got a number with muzak. I then tried using a tablet PC to google 911, but that was messed up, too. I finally got a live human on the phone, but had to scream I wanted an ambulance and a cop there, not for them to tell me it was ok and I could go home.

I don't remember much more about that segment of the dream. It did shift to where I was "home", but still young, and there was some creepy alien creature that I had to take out in the garbage. Wet, smelly garbage. Some sort of needle-like part of it stuck out of the trash bag and pierced me and I woke up around then.

And that's when I realized I'd slept for about an hour and all that...

Hand over heart, I do NOT know where this shit comes from.


I was the wrong person to be wearing the heart monitor today, it seems. My girlfriend drove into work and developed chest pain during the drive. She ended up being taken to the hospital straight from the garage.
I spent the afternoon with her in the ER, only leaving because they were going to keep her for observation and 'cos I needed dinner.

Sigh. I think I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow. I need it.



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